Pam & Jana

Age: (P) 20 (J) 20
Sign: (P) Virgo (J) Libra
Size: (P) 6 (J) 10-12
Job: (P) student (J) hospitality Likes: (P) music and dancing to all kinds of music (J) dancing, swimming and socialising.
Sexiest thing ever done: (P) sex in an outdoor swimming pool (J) sex in a forest.
Naughtiest thing ever done: (P) I don’t do naughty things (J) swam naked with 3 other guys.
Favourite part of body: (P) tongue and hips (J) my nipple piercing.
Why: (P) I like to touch all parts of the body (J) feels and looks good.
Biggest fantasy: (P) to be held up on a bed and fucked by two guys (J) Having sex with a man on a beach.
My first sexual experience: (P) I was 16 and it was my house when my parents were away, with my boyfriend on the balcony on a summers night (J) I was really drunk and it was with my first boyfriend.
My last sexual experience: (P) Was this morning with my boyfriend from work (J) It was my last night in Germany with a friend in my bed.
Pam and Jana are two very sexy German girls, who are backpacking around Australia, going where their car will take them.

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