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Age: 19
Sign: Aries
Job: Sales
Likes: Dancing, love weekends, friends and music
Sexiest thing ever done: I gave my boyfriend at the time a raunchy lap dance for hoursЕ there were props involved.
Naughtiest thing ever done: After a concert, my best girlfriend and I ran away with the bands to their motel room for a weekend.
Favourite part of body: Shoulders
Why: I have a tattoo on one of them
Biggest fantasy: I want to dominate a man who thinks they have the control, Chopper Reed for example.
My first sexual experience: It was a hot night in Queensland underneath a friends parents house on a doggy mattress.
My last sexual experience: On holidays in Queensland, re-united with my ex for a night.

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What you see in the members area is what you see in real life - the girl next door: unmanipulated, honest and fun loving. Sisters of Sleaze, Annie and Dandy run the show, shoot all the content with 2 cameras giving you 2 perspectives. Girl on Girl Action! "I got my fetish looked after pretty quickly. Annie responded to my email asking for naked girls wearing thongs with a thong shoot within a week."
"Your services to your members is as good as your talent for getting gorgeous women to get naked for your camera :-)" "I love a girl who talks dirty. Your prose is as horny as your pictures, Annie, you wonder-woman."
"I was surfing through your site and found a lot of wonderful new sets!!! Hot Hot Hot!!! I love it!! I'm happpy to be a member :)" "I think that your emphasis on fun is very important. It's great to see a site not stuck on 18 - 23 year-olds. Older ladies are much better and yours are beaut! I 've looked at the videos and like what I see" You get to see what's going on in front and behind the cameras! We are genuine, down and dirty lovers of smut. We celebrate the art of filth
"Annie really knows how to bring out the girls personality: the girls look like they're having fun, and to me that's sexy. The videos and forums are icing on the cake. I'm here to stay. Keep up the great work Annie." The pictures will bring out your fantasies and keep you hard for days to come.
GirlsOutWest has been alive and kicking for four years now. Standing strong as the only female owned, shot and operated site rocking your cocks from down under. We're an interactive site that offers a new wave sexual experience. The quality of the amateur movies is exceptional The very essence of anti-mainstream pornography
This site has lots of personality. An elusive combination of professional photography with a healthy dose of amateur flare.
A site bursting at the seams with vitality, earthy language and grin-laced erotic energy You'll be suprised with the video quality. Beautiful bright photography that is crisp and clear. Exercise your loins, the inner workings of your filthy mind and expand your sexual horizons. Disappear into the site for an hour or two each visit and surf around this piece of modern day crotch throbbing paradise.
A thoroughly entertaining site from start to finish featuring a really refreshing selection of girls and a marvellous array of content. Sex-positive, hip and smart, g.o.w. proves that porn does not have to be the same old bullshit.

GirlsOutWest is raw sexuality shot without all the fake frills of mainstream porno land. We prove that porn can be smart and sexy without sacrificing the girls integrity.

Annie and Dandy are horny skanks from way back, determined to spice up porn with perverse diversity and explore everything forbidden and fantastic about female sexuality.

We are on a mission to spread sexual confidence and fulfillment into every pair of panties on the planet.We believe everyone should be having far more sex. We have a dream of a world where kink knows no boundaries and every fetish is catered for.

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