Age: 22 -- Sign: Pisces -- Size: 12 -- Job: Student
Likes: Fucking & Sucking
Sexiest thing ever done: I surprised my sexy flatmate with a night of chocolate, whipped cream and wild sex!
Naughtiest thing ever done: Gee, I’ve done so many naughty things! Public flashing, fucking in public toilets, foursomes, porn… take your pick!
Favourite part of body: Boobs and Eyes
Why: My boobs are huge and so are my eyes
Biggest fantasy: I want to join the mile high club… wanna help me out?

Angie has long, black, straight hair and a killer smile. She’s well known for her naturally massive size G breasts, but has in fact got much, much more to offer. “My ass gets neglected because of my breasts!” Angie says, but don’t worry, we won’t neglect ANY part of you.
Bubbly, happy and not at all shy Angie will make you smile and give you a Boner. Beware, her sexiness may be too hot to handle so we take no responsibility if you cum your pants.

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